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**Mod's note: I'm back!!!!  Again, I'm so sorry for my prolonged absence, but hopefully things can get back to normal around here.  To my co-mod, you are amazing, seriously!  Thank you so much! 

Grimm Kink Meme

[The Bachelor Auction] Nick/Renard.  Prompt: Renard gets roped into a bachelor auction. Any, or many, have to rescue him from all the Cinderella-wannabes.  COMPLETE: 2/2

[Untitled] Nick/Renard.  Prompt: Nick is bitten by a creature and the wound quickly shows sign of infection. Renard knows conventional medicine won't help and carries Nick to Rosalee. She has medicine to help but the wound has to be cleaned out thoroughly and salve applied and both will be agony.  Renard has to hold Nick down for Rosalee to work, and it is torture for him to be pinning Nick while he's being hurt (even while it's for his own good) when his instincts are to protect him.  Later, he leaves Monroe & Rosalee to look after Nick while he goes and kills the creature that bit the Grimm. 

[Marriage] Nick/Renard.  Prompt: Sean popped the question, and Nick is reasonably freaked out. He ran to Monroe for advice and Monroe agreed that the situation absolutely calls for a freakout. Except Nick is freaking out because he's marrying his boss, Monroe thinks Nick should be freaked out because he's a grimm marrying a half-wesen bastard prince.  Turns out Sean is risking everything he ever built to marry Nick and Nick completely misses the magnitude of Sean's proposal until Monroe (or Bud) explain it to him.  (Maybe he freaks out some more until they finally talk about it and Nick accepts)

[Appendicitis] Gen.  Prompt: I would love to see Sean Renard coming down with appendicitis. They've just solved a major case (for once no Wesen involved), he's personally taken down the perp and finished the paperwork - and now his body will no longer be denied and he needs to go to the hospital asap (he ignored pain/discomfort due to the urgency of the case).  Would really love to see him wake up to a hospital room full of get-well cards, hand-drawn pictures from his officers' kids/grandkids, gifts etc. and taking a while to comprehend these things are all for him because they care about him. Plus Nick, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee (even Juliette and Adalind, depending on which season it's set in) to show him they're there for him because they are friends.  Just some H/C for the dear captain and friendship and caring about him as a person without a hidden agenda. 

[Lazy Morning] Nick/Renard.  Nick and his boyfriend having a nice lie in where the only thing they have to worry about is what to have for breakfast, and for once their phones are not ringing to summon them to a crime scene. 

Archive of Our Own

[Big bad love]* Monroe/Nick.  Monroe is in love with the Grimm. How long can he keep his feelings hidden? And what if he can't?  WIP: 6/?
[The Grimm's Pet]* Monroe/Nick; Hank/Wu.  AU in which Monroe was captured by a Grimm, back in his baddy days, and was held as his pet, other's captured are domesticated and sold for profit to the highest bidder. Nick meets said Grimm, and is conflicted, knowing he must "kill the bad ones", but also knowing that the Wesen he captured weren't exactly innocent either. Cue Nick moping around, and trailer-diving, Monroe being super depressing, and Hank being a good friend. It's the perfect storm.  Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, rape/non-con, and slaveryWIP: 4/?
[If You Must Mourn (Don't Do It Alone)]* Monroe/Rosalee.  There is silence. Everyone is in shock; they never thought this is how it would end; most of them kept holding on to hope.  Everyone stands around the room just watching them. No one knows what to say. No one knows what to do.  Warning: Spoilers for 4.21WIP: 2/?
[Grimms On The Warpath] Adalind/Nick; Monroe/Rosalee.  The Royals had better watch their backs from now on, because there's two Grimms and their friends coming at them.  COMPLETE: 5/5

[Heart Lines]* Gen.  Sometimes you've just got to follow your heart...  WIP: 29/?.  


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