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(Ashes and Rubel) Gen

"About a month and a half after Trubel arrived at Avengers Tower, there came a world-ending fight. A guy with a sort of lion-like head was wreaking havoc all over the city, and one look at him led Trubel to believe he may be wesen. Lowen, most likely."

Trubel and the Avengers fight a Lowen, and Trubel is forced to choose between telling the truth or maintaining a sane persona.


Nick's Grimm-log details his encounters with Wesen, but this one he might just be hiding from future view. Because if his Captain gets hold of this, Nick's a dead man. WIP 1/?

(Blutbad in a Bath (not a blood one) Monroe/Nick

Monroe doesn’t even like baths. Much. He likes a certain Grimm just fine though…

(Silent Cries) Juliette/Nick

Ever since the coma Juliette never been quite the same, even after getting her memories back.

She was more possessive and paranoid. It was only because she cared, right?

What would the others say if they knew he was letting his girlfriend control him... beat him.

Warnings: Spousal abuse. WIP 2/?

(Hybrid Theory) Nick/Renard

A pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn child disappears without a trace, only to resurface at Rosalee's shop, sold to the young Fuchsbau by a Skalengeck.

At first glance, Detective Nick Burkhardt can't see anything unusual about the little Coyotl girl, but his friends soon explain why Hundjäger are suddenly eager to get their hands on the baby. She's a Hybrid. Not fully Wesen, but not human either, hybrids have been hunted down and sold as potions ingredients for centuries. They are vulnerable, because hybrids only come into their full powers once they find their mate.

What Nick doesn't know yet is why Captain Sean Renard seems to go to great lengths to keep the baby safe. But he is about to find out. WIP 6/?

(A Debt Of Sorts) Monroe/Nick

Monroe is being held captive by a witch when he meets young Nicholas Burkhardt. After saving each other's lives, Monroe is stuck with a young and newly orphaned Grimm looking at him like a lost puppy.. Well then, this was going to be interesting. COMPLETE.

(Returning Home) Monroe/Nick/Rosalee

Nick disappeared four years ago, a simple text sent to Monroe and Rosalee's phones. 'I'm sorry, I can't stay.'

His phone is disconnected, life unfortunately moves on.

That is until Monroe's shopping one night and he sees a familiar face. WIP 6/?

(Goodnight, Sweet Grimm) (Glee Crossover)

One summer between Junior and senior year will turn our character's lives around forever. WIP 1/?

(Hexenbiester might be from Hell, and who the hell knows about zauberbiester) Nick/Renard

Sean Renard is not a hexenbiest.

(Second Realities) Nick/Renard

Nick chases and guns down a wesen suspect in a double homicide.

Then, he wakes up to another cool morning in Portland. It's a weekday, he has to follow up on a case, and everything should be life as usual. Except he's woken up in a strange bed, has to follow up on a case he has heard nothing about, and the case he does know about is completely new to everyone else. Oh, and the person next to him in bed is definitely not who he remembers. In fact, the past two years of his life are, according to everyone, very different from what he remembers about them. WIP 14/?

(Marked) Monroe/Nick

He didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed until now that he had marks- hickeys and scratches and light bruises- covering his entire chest, even onto his arms and neck.

Endgame (Nick/Renard)

Sean's world seems to be going to shit, Adalind is back, Juliette is a hexenbiest (possibly soon to be downgraded to a hexenbitch), his phantom bleeding is terrifying him and wearing him out, and fate has dropped a giant clanger in the form of another of his Euro-trash cousins, Kenneth. Renard doesn't expect to survive, he's exhausted and stressed, and this is probably the endgame.

(The Reformed Wesen Support Group) OC/Renard

Melanie Schade. A lawyer, hexenbiest, reformed, barely magical, in a support group. What happens when you mix the Resistance, the Royal Families, a Grimm or three, a group of reforming/reformed wesen, a hexebiest, and a zauberbiest in one town? WIP 2/?

(Spring days out) Nick/Renard

Nick and Sean enjoy a day out with their unusual family. The uniqueness of their family doesn't mean they're excempt from common problems, though.

(Things To Do in Portland When You're Not Really Dead [Podfic])

Agent Phil Coulson really does have a cellist in Portland, but it's not exactly what anyone thinks.

(The Dangers Of Separation) (Nick/Monroe)

Never put yourself between the loved ones of a Grimm and a Blutbad.

Or The stories of those who threatened Monroe and Nick's pack and barely escaped unscathed, if they escaped at all… WIP 4/?


(Heart Lines)

Sometimes you've just got to follow your heart… WIP 26/?

(Our Own Fairytale)

this is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show, it starts from 2x15 when Juilet and Nick are broken up.

(Undeniable Truths)

Something unheard calls the strange to Portland, the damaged, angry and dangerous. It silently beckons them to its shores, mountains and forests with the false promise of a good life. Only a few know it's a lie. Only a few realize that Portland has become the meeting place for the twisted pasts of every broken soul to collide.


Nick sees a doctor change forms but 2 different ones. He calls Monroe in disbelief, and the blutbad is ready to prove it. OCX? Will be revealed in later chapters, possibly. Mythological inaccuracy

Why Won't You Love Me? Monroe/Nick

Monroe and Nick have been friends a long time and all Monroe dreams about is being more than "just friends". Fate offers him this chance when Juliette falls into a coma and she and Nick's relationship crumbles. Will he and Nick be able to be together or will past emotions drag the relationship under and leave Monroe wondering..Why Won't You Love Me? This is a Monroe/Nick pairing :) WIP 5/?

(A Royal Grimm)

The story of Deucalion Redgrave, a Grimm/Royal Hybrid, and his beginning as a Grimm in the town of Dunwich, working for an American branch of the Royals-the Burnwood family. (First Grimm story)

Grimm TV

grimm 4.16 "hearthbreaker" [1080p]  

screencaps: [417] - hd/logoless  

Grimm Challenge

Challenge #39 - Pass it on - Extension & Reminder  


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