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Archive of Our Own

Somnivolent's gonna crash.]* Juliette/Nick.  A season 1 ending/season 2 rewrite started back in November.  Nick gets poisoned instead of Juliette and things go from there.  Warning: Violence.  WIP: 18/?.

(Heat Rises)  Juliette/Nick/Sean, various background pairings. Nick Burkhardt would change his omega status in a heartbeat if he had the chance, particularly now that he's gone into heat off schedule. It's dragged him, Juliette and his alpha captain into a situation he'd never imagined, and with Monroe and Rosalee away, he could be about to endanger his career, his relationships and maybe even his life.

(Grimm Reflections)  Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan A close call on the job exposes a hidden world that has always existed just out of sight―and leaves Kevin Ryan viewing the people closest to him in a whole new light. WIP 4/7

[Join Hands, A Storm Approaches]* Monroe/Nick; crossover pairings.  Crossover with Teen Wolf.  There's an earthquake which results in the closing of a school in the town next to Beacon Hills because of damages. The school's population is split up between a few schools.. Beacon Hills High receives about forty of those students. Including a group of incredibly talented Lacrosse players... But there's something strange about these kids, and things are beginning to stir up in Beacon Hills once again.  Warning: Underage.  WIP: 11/?.  

[Right in Front of You]* Nick/Renard.  Nick has nowhere to turn when his "friends" refuse to explain to him waht happened the night after the zombie attacks...  Sean Renard wants his Grimm bad enough to explain everything to him...  Nick, emotionally distraught runs off...  Sean finds him...  WIP: 7/?.  

[For the Love of a Cup of Coffee]* Monroe/Nick.  Alternate universe where Nick owns a coffee shop and Monroe is a wealthy business owner. When the two meet by chance, they have to work through their differences to make their relationship work. WIP: 9/15.  

[I Can't Lose You Without Losing Myself]* Heterosexual pairing (unspecified).  A Fuchsbau wesen transfers from a New York Police Department to Portland's and becomes the Grimm's temporary partner. She doesn't believe in love like her sister-that is, until she falls for the Grimm himself. After Nick and Hank reveal the wesen world to Wu but Hank's on another well-deserved vacation.  Part 1 of Finding Faith.  WIP: 6/?.  

(La nueva Grimm)

Ya han pasado años desde que Nick descubrio se Grimm, solo que nunca esperamos que una adolecente resultara ser una Grimm,¡y su madre una Wesen!, ahora ella tendra que enfrentarse a los nuevos peligros que rodean su vida, ya no puede mantenerse oculta de su verdadero hora de que una nueva lucha comienze: Amor,venganza y mas cosas sucederan

Grimm Challenges

Challenge #37 - Wallpaper - Reminder


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