Feb. 23rd, 2015

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 Archive of Our Own 

(I Can't Lose You Without Losing Myself)*

A Fuchsbau wesen transfers from a New York Police Department to Portland's and becomes the Grimm's temporary partner. She doesn't believe in love like her sister-that is, until she falls for the Grimm himself. After Nick and Hank reveal the wesen world to Wu but Hank's on another well-deserved vacation. WIP 2/?

(Windows to the Soul) Nick/Renard

Nick finds out why Renard doesn't like to woge in front of him. 

It's The Rain What Ails Me

Nick/Renard  Nick's having a miserable time, the Captain takes care of him. 

  • Nick Burkhardt/Monroe/Sean Renard Nick Burkhardt/HankGriffin/Monroe/Sean Renard/Juliette Silverton Nick/Monroe/Renard/Hank/Juliette/Rosalee/Adalind
      • Leave a legacy that isn't about continuing things on as they were and being who the loudest critics think you should be...
        You know how the story goes... it takes something new for things to move forward.
          •  WIP 16/?

[Blood is Skin Deep]* Gen.  Nick thought his life was already complicated enough with the revelation that he is from a long line of Grimms but then a case hits his desk that is not as opened and shut as he first believes, something or someone is coming to Portland and their mission is centered greatly around the new Grimm.  WIP: 15-16/?.  

Grimm Reaper*  NickxOC JuliettexRenard 
Previously "Life is Grimm". There's a new girl in Portland, a very human girl. It's not long until she's ensnared in the doings of a specific police detective, who may just be what she needs to finally understand the darkness always there, always watching. WIP 4/?

[Monrosalee's journey]* Monroe/Rosalee.  Monroe and Rosalee have just got back from their honeymoon and Rosalee is expecting small footsteps in 9months. She's keeping this from everyone, how will they pull this off? Will the community except them? Can they handle parenting?  WIP 4/?


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