Feb. 22nd, 2015

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Archive of Our Own
[Come In Out The Rain] Nick/Renard.  Nick and Sean may have won the fight, but the rain is coming down hard and they're stranded. They need a place of safety...  Part 1 of It's Raining Again


[Marnie]* Gen.  A friend of Trubel named Marnie comes to Portland because a few man are trying to find and kill her. She gets to stay at Monroe and Rosalee's place and soon they find out that Marnie's not human at all. She's a Blutbad. During her stay, Rosalee, Nick, Hank and Juliette find out a little secret Monroe has been hiding from everyone almost his entire life.  WIP: 6/?. 

[Monroesalee's journey]* Monroe/Rosalee.  Monroe and Rosalee have just got back from their honeymoon and Rosalee is expecting small footsteps in 9months. She's keeping this from everyone, how will they pull this off? Will the community except them? Can they handle parenting?  WIP: 3/?

[The Family Tree]* Nick/Renard.  When a close friend of Nick Burkhardt's is murdered, our friendly neighborhood Grimm is dragged into a world of deceit and betrayal, otherwise known as wesen politics. Throughout this process, Nick discovers something new about his bloodline that only manages to give him a massive migraine. To top it all off, he can't help but wonder why his Captain is looking at him like that...  WIP: 8/?.
[The Eternal Darkness of Adalind Schade]* Gen.  After Juliette reveals to Nick that she is a Hexenbiest, he searches for answers; the only solution seems to be the death of Adalind Schade.  WIP: 1/?


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