Feb. 21st, 2015

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Archive of Our Own

[Second Realities]* Nick/Renard, Monroe/Rosalee.  Nick chases and guns down a wesen suspect in a double homicide.  Then, he wakes up to another cool morning in Portland. It's a weekday, he has to follow up on a case, and everything should be life as usual. Except he's woken up in a strange bed, has to follow up on a case he has heard nothing about, and the case he does know about is completely new to everyone else. Oh, and the person next to him in bed is definitely not who he remembers. In fact, the past two years of his life are, according to everyone, very different from what he remembers about them.  WIP: 8/?

[For the Love of a Cup of Coffee]* Monroe/Nick.  Alternate universe where Nick owns a coffee shop and Monroe is a wealthy business owner. When the two meet by chance, they have to work through their differences to make their relationship work.  WIP: 4/15

[Kitsune]* Monroe/Rosalee; Juliette/Nick.  AU. It's Rosalee Calvert's wedding day, but her happiness is cut short when her fiancé Monroe is kidnapped. Now Rosalee must find her missing groom while coming to terms with her past, not only in this life, but in a previous one in Feudal Japan, with the help of her friends, family, and a little ancestral intervention.  Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence and non-conWIP: 12/?

[Besessenheit]* Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Marie asked him to leave Juliette to keep her safe, but also because it's not fair to make her into a shield. This one decision changes everything.  WIP: 10/14
[This is All We Need (And This is Where We Start)] Nick/Trubel.  “You remember how you felt when Rosalee hit that guy with a brick and basically saved your life?”  “Of course.”  “I feel that every time she and I are doing grimm stuff together.”  Part 2 of Level Up

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