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**Mod's note: So sorry for my prolonged absence, but I have been down with a really bad case of the flu.  >_< 

Here's what we missed:

Grimm Kink Meme

[The Grimm's Pet]* Monroe/Nick; Hank/Wu.  Prompt: "We kill the bad ones," Aunt Marie had said. But what if one of the bad ones turned out to be a fellow grimm?  Nick confronts a Grimm (OC), who captures and 'domesticates' creatures to sell for profit, and his blutbad, Monroe; a ragged man with dulled red eyes, collared and kept as the Grimm's personal pet.  Warning: SlaveryWIP: 1-3/?.  
**Note: This is being filled at AO3, so please refer to the link below for future updates. 

Archive of Our Own

[The Grimm's Pet]* Monroe/Nick; Hank/Wu.  AU in which Monroe was captured by a Grimm, back in his baddy days, and was held as his pet, other's captured are domesticated and sold for profit to the highest bidder. Nick meets said Grimm, and is conflicted, knowing he must "kill the bad ones", but also knowing that the Wesen he captured weren't exactly innocent either. Cue Nick moping around, and trailer-diving, Monroe being super depressing, and Hank being a good friend. It's the perfect storm.  Warning: SlaveryWIP: 1-3/?

[Right in Front of You]* Nick/Renard.  Nick has nowhere to turn when his "friends" refuse to explain to him waht happened the night after the zombie attacks...  Sean Renard wants his Grimm bad enough to explain everything to him...  Nick, emotionally distraught runs off...  Sean finds him...  WIP: 4/?

[Trubel in Rhinebeck] Gen.  Crossover with The Avengers.  “Theresa Rubel wasn't stupid. By all accounts, maybe a bit crazy, but definitely not stupid. And because she knew things most twenty-one year olds probably shouldn't, Theresa knew when she was being followed.”  Trubel gets her ass saved by Clint, Nat, and Kate, who subsequently take her back to Avengers Tower.  Part 1 of Trubel as an Avenger (sorta)

[To be a grimm.]* Monroe/you (reader).  To be a Grimm can be quite a struggle. No one who you can trust or befriend. You thought you would always be alone: But one day, that all changed.  WIP: 1/?

[Be Mine]* Nick/Renard.  Nick Burkhardt, struggling to come to terms with the whole Grimm deal and the way it had taken over his life, rejects Captain Sean Renard's initial advances. Then Sean is seriously injured, and something starts to change between the Grimm and his Captain. But things are never that simple in the Grimm world, and Sean's injuries threaten his life in ways that Nick cannot comprehend. It takes all Rosalee's skill to put the Captain on the path to recovery, the final element being true love's kiss, will Nick accept the Captain's heart or reject him forever?  Part 1 of The Royal LineWIP: 1-2/?

[Second Realities]* Nick/Renard, Monroe/Rosalee.  Nick chases and guns down a wesen suspect in a double homicide.  Then, he wakes up to another cool morning in Portland. It's a weekday, he has to follow up on a case, and everything should be life as usual. Except he's woken up in a strange bed, has to follow up on a case he has heard nothing about, and the case he does know about is completely new to everyone else. Oh, and the person next to him in bed is definitely not who he remembers. In fact, the past two years of his life are, according to everyone, very different from what he remembers about them.  WIP: 4/?
[Correspondance]* Gen.  X number of letters Nick found while doing research.  WIP: 1-3/?

[The Trials of PTZD]* Monroe/Nick.  After the incident with the Baron, Nick finds himself still suffering after effects of the toxin spit on him. While he no longer can break a sweat after running for extremely long periods of time; can hold his breath longer than seems possible, and seems stronger than ever, not everything is on the up and up.  Monroe tries to help Nick deal with it, but it seems like none of them can do anything to stop it.  WIP: 1-4/?

[Besessenheit]* Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Marie asked him to leave Juliette to keep her safe, but also because it's not fair to make her into a shield. This one decision changes everything.  WIP: 5-6/14

[Grimm at 16]* Monroe/Nick.  Nick is hit with a curse turns him 16 and it does all sorts of things to Monroe.  Warnings: Mpreg and underageWIP: 5/?

Foreign Language (Russian):
[История Одного Гримма]* Crossover pairings.  Crossover with Sherlock.  «О Боже, ты Гримм!». Именно с этих слов можно смело начать новую огромную главу в жизни доктора Джоан Уотсон, которая прежде считала себя совершенно обычным человеком.  WIP: 1-3/?


[Wooing Wu]* OFC/Wu.  It's about time our favorite Sergeant found a girl.  WIP: 15/?

[The New Grimm: Volume 3 Revenge]* OFC/Renard.  "put the gun Down!" Sean Renard ordered again with his gun aimed at Terra. He didn't want to shoot her but he will if he had to. he had never seen such hate in any one's eyes before let alone hers. "Terra put the gun down," he begged. Terra pressed the gun gun to the king's forhead. "Terra don't make me do this," he pleaded. She didn't move or say a word...  Sequel to The New Grimm: Volume 1 Finding A Home and The New Grimm: Volume 2 Protecting DestinyWIP: 4/?

[The Hunter's Mate]* Gen.  Satan's assassin. That's What they call her. They may not know what she looks like, but she'd be recognized her that instant when she wears her black suit and cover her upper face with a mask. She was well known to the whole supernatural world. With out her mask she's Diana Brooklyn. She a teenager girl who pretends to mute to cover her identity be if they it would bad.  WIP: 4/?
[Marnie]* Gen.  A friend of Trubel named Marnie comes to Portland because a few man are trying to find and kill her. She gets to stay at Monroe and Rosalee's place and soon they find out that Marnie's not human at all. She's a Blutbad. During her stay, Rosalee, Nick, Hank and Juliette find out a little secret Monroe has been hiding from everyone almost his entire life.  WIP: 1/?
[Todesengel]* Gen.  A young man in 1314 is ultimatley responsible for a crime that occurs in modern day 2015. It is up to Nick, Monroe, Hank and Rosalee to solve the case and put an end to the highly strange nature in which the victims are found.  WIP: 1/?

[The Grimm Hybrid]* Gen.  A girl going only by the name Venom meets Nick by chance one day and that meeting sets off a change that could either bring chaos or a great peace. They meet and part ways their thoughts of each other seem to fade until they cross paths again. Their lives become entangled and many secrets and mystery's hang around the mysterious girls past and present. Who and what is she really?  WIP: 3/?

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