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May 19th

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(Monster within)

Short episode tag for the S4 finale (Cry Havoc, Ep 4.22, US air date of 5/15/15) – SPOILERS! Some darkness, violence as in the actual show. A bit of a character study that picks up shortly after the finale to resolve the biggest lingering issue in my mind. May be continued…

(A Blutbad Claims His Mate) Monroe/Nick, Hank/Renard

The first time Monroe smells Nick he knows, Nick is his true mate. The one every Blutbad waits their whole lives for. Nick may be with Juliet but he is Monroe's mate and Monroe isn't going to wait to make his claim. WIP 7/? Warnings: consensual somnophilia, knotting

(If You Must Mourn (Don't Do It Alone))

There is silence. Everyone is in shock; they never thought this is how it would end; most of them kept holding on to hope.

Everyone stands around the room just watching them. No one knows what to say. No one knows what to do. WIP 3/? Warnings: Major character death (off-screen), grief and grieving.


Two girls come to Portland. Who are they? What do they? Want what will happen?

WIP 1/?


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