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May 17-18, 2015

Archive of Our Own

[Join Hands, A Storm Approaches]* Monroe/Nick; crossover pairings.  Crossover with Teen Wolf.  There's an earthquake which results in the closing of a school in the town next to Beacon Hills because of damages. The school's population is split up between a few schools.. Beacon Hills High receives about forty of those students. Including a group of incredibly talented Lacrosse players... But there's something strange about these kids, and things are beginning to stir up in Beacon Hills once again.  Warning: UnderageWIP: 14/?

[Spun]* Hank/Nick; Juliette/Nick.  Five times Nick uses kissing as a problem-solving tool. Spoiler alert: it has a low success rate.  WIP: 2/5
[Finding Home Banner (Neal Caffrey/Henry Morgan)] Crossover pairing.  Fanart for the series 'Finding Home' by shadeshifter. A multi-crossover with NCIS, Criminal Minds, Highlander, Supernatural, Angel, Forever, White Collar, and Leverage.  Part 5 of Finding Home Banners; Part 6 of Shadeshifter's Banners
[The Knocker on Death's Door]* Nick/Renard.  AU. After the terrible events of Nick's mother's murder, the young Grimm is distraught. Swearing vengeance on all Royals. Sean overhears this, and snatches his daughter and runs.  Three years later, Sean Renard is broke, ill and out of options and his beloved daughter needs Rosalee's help. Returning to Portland, he finds Nick never gave up searching for him and Diana, to protect them.  Can Sean and Nick get past the zauberbiest/Grimm situation that has torn them apart before and forge something new in time to protect Diana from another Royal attack?  WIP: 2/4
[Grimm Reflections]* Crossover pairing; Monroe/Rosalee.  Crossover with Castle.  A close call on the job exposes a hidden world that has always existed just out of sight―and leaves Kevin Ryan viewing the people closest to him in a whole new light.  Part 2 of Grimm ReflectionsWIP: 6/?
[The Words] Nick/Renard.  Nick carefully chooses the perfect moment to say the words.  Part 4 of Second Realities


[Blood is Skin Deep]* Gen.  Nick thought his life was already complicated enough with the revelation that he is from a long line of Grimms but then a case hits his desk that is not as opened and shut as he first believes, something or someone is coming to Portland and their mission is centered greatly around the new Grimm.  WIP: 20/?

[Our Own Fairytale]* Nick/OFC; Monroe/Rosalee.  This is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show.  WIP: 19/?

[It's A Grimm Life]* OFC/Renard.  When Finley arrives in Portland, she had no idea how her life will change. Thinking she was crazy for seeing monsters, she has just traveled around for three years, leaving behind friends and college. When she meets Captain Renard, it doesn't go well, but he soon assures her she isn't crazy. Can this Grimm break through some of the Royal's walls? Or will they destroy each other?  WIP: 11/?
[Beauty and The Bastard]* Gen.  The Royal's have been hiding a powerful secret weapon for a long time. When she escapes, it could cost them everything they want to achieve in Portland. It could also mean the disruption of daily life for a certain Grimm and his friends already in Portland, as she comes with a startling revelation...  WIP: 5/?

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[La fille du Grimm]* Gen.  ATTENTION: Se passe après la saison 2! Après avoir réussi à être sauvé de la tentative d'enlèvement par le demi-frère du capitaine Renard, Nick Burkhardt retrouve son quotidien en tant que lieutenant aux côtés de son ami Hank. Cependant, une arrivée à Portland risque bien de tout chambouler...  WIP: 5/?

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