May. 16th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own

[Second Realities]* Nick/Renard, Monroe/Rosalee.  Nick chases and guns down a wesen suspect in a double homicide.  Then, he wakes up to another cool morning in Portland. It's a weekday, he has to follow up on a case, and everything should be life as usual. Except he's woken up in a strange bed, has to follow up on a case he has heard nothing about, and the case he does know about is completely new to everyone else. Oh, and the person next to him in bed is definitely not who he remembers. In fact, the past two years of his life are, according to everyone, very different from what he remembers about them.  Part 1 of Second RealitiesWIP: 19/?
[Hybrid Theory]* Nick/Renard.  A pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn child disappears without a trace, only to resurface at Rosalee's shop, sold to the young Fuchsbau by a Skalengeck.  At first glance, Detective Nick Burkhardt can't see anything unusual about the little Coyotl girl, but his friends soon explain why Hundjäger are suddenly eager to get their hands on the baby. She's a Hybrid. Not fully Wesen, but not human either, hybrids have been hunted down and sold as potions ingredients for centuries. They are vulnerable, because hybrids only come into their full powers once they find their mate.  What Nick doesn't know yet is why Captain Sean Renard seems to go to great lengths to keep the baby safe. But he is about to find out.  WIP: 11/?
[On the Road] Gen.  A glimpse into Trubel and Josh's non-stop road trip. 
[Claiming Your Grimm]* Nick/Renard; Monroe/Rosalee.  Sean Renard is very possessive of his Grimm, and he will do anything to keep him, even claim him as his mate without the Grimm's permission.  Warnings: Dub-con, graphic depictions of violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and threat of rape/non-conWIP: 6/?

[Große Schwäche Fluch (The curse of greatest Weakness)]* Monroe/Rosalee; Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Sean Renard was a powerful, proud man that worked hard for his city. But one night, one mistake threatens to tear down this kingdom he has built, and he can't find a way to fix it. Not without the help of someone he cannot ask, to do something that he will not allow.  Warning: Rape/non-conWIP: 6/?
[It's A Grimm Life]* OFC/Renard.  When Finley arrives in Portland, she had no idea how her life will change. Thinking she was crazy for seeing monsters, she has just traveled around for three years, leaving behind friends and college. When she meets Captain Renard, it doesn't go well, but he soon assures her she isn't crazy. Can this Grimm break through some of the Royal's walls? Or will they destroy each other?  WIP: 10/?
[Marnie]* Gen.  A friend of Trubel named Marnie comes to Portland because a few man are trying to find and kill her. She gets to stay at Monroe and Rosalee's place and soon they find out that Marnie's not human at all. She's a Blutbad. During her stay, Rosalee, Nick, Hank and Juliette find out a little secret Monroe has been hiding from everyone almost his entire life.  WIP: 11/?
[Our Own Fairytale]* Nick/OFC; Monroe/Rosalee.  This is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show.  WIP: 18/?
[A Bizarre Change of Scenery]* Gen.  Nick wakes up one morning in a world where Juliette is dead, and he's married to and having children with Adalind Schade. Chaos ensues.  WIP: 1/?
[Undeniable Truths]* Gen.  Something unheard calls the strange to Portland, the damaged, angry and dangerous. It silently beckons them to its shores, mountains and forests with the false promise of a good life. Only a few know it's a lie. Only a few realize that Portland has become the meeting place for the twisted pasts of every broken soul to collide.  WIP: 8/?

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