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**Mod's note: Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Also, check out the awesome Grimm-themed promo art for the Alpha/Beta/Omega Big Bang at the bottom of this post!  It's open to all fandoms so anyone interested should definitely go check it out! 

Archive of Our Own
[Definitely A Beer Conversation (podfic)] Gen.  When he looked up there was nothing in Monroe’s expression beyond the usual quiet regard. As if this was like any other visit and he was waiting to see what kind of trouble Nick was going to spill into his lap this time. 

[Alliance]* Nick/Renard.  Sean Renard tries to explain to Nick Burkhardt the realities of being Wesen. A Royal always gets his Grimm.  WIP: 9/?

[OTP AU LIST-DESTIEL]* Crossover pairing.  Crossover with Supernatural and Harry PotterSupernatural ficlets, some of which crosses over with Grimm.  Part 1 of OTP AU LISTWIP: 9/10

[Everywhere I go, I see puppies]* Monroe/Nick; Juliette/Nick; Monroe/Rosalee; Hank/Rosalee.  AU – Where Nick gets impregnated by Eddie after a drunken night in town after his split from Juliette. There will be puppies…lots of them. And how the hell are they supposed this to their friends, family and colleagues. The gestation period of a wolf is between 60 and 68 days. Which means Nick will have his litter literally A LOT earlier than a human woman.  Warning: MpregWIP: 3/?

Promo: Alpha/Beta/Omega Big Bang



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