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ACA PSA. US health care under yet another horrible Republican attack.

Leave my health insurance alone gdi.
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We just had another strong earthquake in Mexico

On the same day of the 1985 earthquake anniversary.

I’ll keep you all updated

Update: Preliminar reports say it’s 7.1 in Axochiapan, Morelos

Telephone lines do not work well right now, please use online services like Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram or similar to contact your family and friends.

Update: Some biuldings suffered damages in Mexico City, other collapsed and there are reports on TV of people traped in some of them. The AICM (Mexico City Airport) has suspended functions to check it’s facilities

Update: Reports say there are 75 dead people across all afected areas. (17:15 pm) This is an early report, this number may change

Update: A factory exploted in Mexico City. LinkThe ITESM CCM has suffer big damages. Schools in the city have suspended activities and have located their alumni in safe areas.

Update: Civilians and professionals are working together to free people from rubble; cons is that they make so much noise that people trapped can not be heard.

Update: The metro offers free service to users today at all stations, but not all the lines nor stations are operating right now; be cautious.

Update: There are reports of robberies on the streets in damaged zones. Be super cautious.

-Some Emergency Numbers-
(Can call from any state -> ): 911
Locatel: 5658-1111
Bomberos: 5768-2532
Fugas: 5654-3210

Links to other posts with pictures: ehr-mantraut, monoukotori, glowyskull

If you have more information you think is super important and want it to appear on this post, do not hesitate to contact me.
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I wouldn’t normally ask for something like this, but the situation is quite serious. Mexico suffered another catastrophic earthquake that already has taken many lives and the death toll is expected to rise.

Please donate to Topos, a rescue team that was formed during the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City and has helped many other countries during catastrophes. YOU CAN HELP EVEN IF YOU AREN’T IN MEXICO. Your dollars are worth almost double in Mexico, so something small as $15 has a big impact. If you can donate, you can do it directly here:Paypal: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org

or visit www.topos.mxIf you can’t donate, please share with any friends or family that are interested in helping. The people from my country would appreciate it a lot. Thank you and lots of love!

Also, if you can’t donate money but want to help, you can donate food, water, dog food, and clothes. Red Cross Mexico, Oxfam Mexico, and Save the Children Mexico is a way to get resources flowing. Smaller nonprofits like Project Paz are also collecting donations for earthquake relief.





and if you are local, there are different places all over where you can donate. You can find the nearest place here/ si eres local, puedes donar en los diferentes centros de acopio. Puedes encontrar el más cercano aquí:


or visit http://comoayudar.mx
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Let’s all take a moment and thank modern family for this
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I haven’t seen any posts saying where you can donate to help my country after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the center today and so far has taken a total of 149 lives.

This is a list a list of nonprofit organizations providing aid
to residents in México and Morelos, including areas affected by the recent

1. Cruz

2. Unicef

3. International
Community Foundation

4. Global
Giving Foundation

5. Oxfam

6. Save
the Children México

7. Proyect Paz

8. Topos

Please help my country, I have a friend that’s studying in Mexico City and she’s terrified, and so are my group of friends and I that live states away from her. I would not like to imagine how other mexicans who have family and friends in MexCit. (and the other states) feel.

If you have a mutual, familiar, close friend, or anyone that you know that resides or is visiting Mexico City (or the other states that were affected like Puebla, Morelos and Queretaro) please, please, please try to contact them. If you can, and make sure they are okay, donate to the organisations listed above so you can help them in this hard time where nature is messing with us.


A mis
hermanos Mexicanos que estén leyendo esto, aquellos que se encuentren en las
áreas y estados afectados, ayuden a aquellos que los necesitan, estén a salvo a toda costa, mis pensamientos están con ustedes.

Para aquellos que viven en otros estados del país, aquí les
dejo una imagen de la cuenta bancaria que la Cruz Roja abrió para las

Igualmente, donen a las organizaciones que publiqué anteriormente en los enlaces para ayudar a nuestro pueblo.

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Hmm, so has he stuck close to Elrond ever since? Also, how did he take Elros deciding to be mortal and fucking off to Numenor? Because Graves, even AU elf Graves can carry grudges like no one else - he would’ve forgiven and understood Elros’ choice for the man’s own sake, but he saw (and kept seeing, every day, every year) the consequences that choice had on Elrond, who became a bit of a miserable, lonely bastard until he met Celebrian (and we all know how that ends…)

Newt: *kisses Percival's neck*

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:18 am
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Newt: *kisses Percival's neck*
Percival: what is this
Newt: affection
Percival: disgusting
Percival: do it again
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i don’t know if people outside of brazil are aware of this, but our country just decriminalized gay conversion therapy. basically, it is now 100% legal for therapists to treat homosexuality as a disease if they want to.

btw here are are some sources to read more about it (they’re all in portuguese): 1, 2, 3, 4.

we need more people talking about this on the media.

please reblog this, especially if you’re not brazilian. 

🍎🍯 !!לשנה

Sep. 20th, 2017 08:53 am
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to all my jewish friends, have a happy and healthy new year! 
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in el tango de roxanne when the narcoleptic argentinian goes “ROOOOOOXANNE” and ewan mcgregor is like “WHYYYYY DOES MY HEART CRY” and the violins are just freaking out in the background that’s the most intense moment in film history
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Earlier today, recently-arrived prince and intrepid explorer Findekáno, well-known harpist and first son of current High King Ñolofinwë, unexpectedly returned to camp on the back of a giant eagle while carrying most of his cousin, also current High King Nelyafinwë Maitimo.

“I was wandering around the mountains near Thangorodrim, looking for a nice place to sit down and maybe hitch a ride with a passing Orc patrol, when suddenly this great shadow descended upon me and Thorondor showed up,”  Findekáno said earlier, pointing to the giant eagle he rode in on. “He even showed me where Cousin Russandol was, which was pretty nice.”

Findekáno, fifty-second place winner of the All-Valinor Archery Competition three hundred and fifty years in a row, had been last seen setting foot in Beleriand and was rumored to have run away to search for his missing cousin three weeks ago. High King Nelyafinwë Maitimo, colloquially known as “Cousin Russandol,” disappeared when his supposedly fool-proof ambush was counter-ambushed by the Dark Lord Morgoth over a century ago.

Findekáno reportedly found his cousin hanging from one hand on a mountain and was about to prove his archery skills when the Eagle suggested he use a melee weapon instead. Findekáno, who placed ten thousandth in the All-Valinor Knifework and Lockpicking Competition a hundred and twelve years in a row, apparently missed his blow, hitting his cousin in the wrist instead of the chain he’d been aiming for.

“It was a good blow,” Findekáno insisted. “I managed to take off his hand in one cut, which I’ve never been able to do before. And I didn’t even drop the knife! Thorondor managed to catch Cousin Russandol, although he accidentally swallowed his hand, so I guess they’re not reattaching it anytime soon. And Thorondor was so sorry about it he even offered to give us a ride home!”

Thorondor, colloquially known as the greatest of Eagles and quite possibly the hand of the King of the Valar in Middle-earth, added that he would love to give more rides to Noldor, especially those who are “going hunting or expected to lose a limb or two in the near future.” 

He then added, “I would like to clarify that we are not a ferry service, however, and should not be ridden lightly. Also, no journeys longer than three days.” To summon Thorondor, just go to an open field with at least a hand’s worth of meat and shout his name until he responds.

Neither possibly-still-current-High King Nelyafinwë Maitimo, nor any members of his court, could be reached for comment.

@greenekangaroo @urloth

Help me Escape

Sep. 20th, 2017 05:13 am
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Hey everyone! My name is Cyrus Lovisa and I hate to do this but I could really really use some help right now.

Yesterday (September 18th, 2017) I was threatened by my father to be thrown out of the house because he doesn’t agree with my hairstyle (a modest undercut that’s really only visible from the back). He has been unhappy with me ever since I came out to him as panromantic, but yesterday we reached a breaking point to the extreme.

Keep reading
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this is the money spock. reblog within the next 30 seconds and he will bring you good fortune ✨💸✨

So I’m just saying. I put this in my queue yesterday and today I was offered a raise that is literally life-changing, $10,000 more a year than I’m making now. 

Was it Money Spock? Who can say, but wow I sure believe.

C’mon Mr. Spock! Send good fortune my way!!
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Turgon // by 面堂かずき@8/12東ク-37b

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kyle ron: grandfather…..show me again, the power of the dark side

bail organa in the afterlife:

“Cassini's own discoveries were its

Sep. 19th, 2017 11:32 pm
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– Earl Maize, its project engineer @ JPL

current mood: emotional about a space probe

Cassini is the first spacecraft that was destroyed not from malfunction, or as a necessary end result of its mission… but out of love.

The probe was running out of propulsion fuel, but there’s no reason it couldn’t have been pushed into a stable orbit from where it could collect data and send back pictures for a long while yet.

Except it had detected that one of Saturn’s moons held liquid water and organic compounds: a world that might support life. A world that is, at the least, dreaming of life.

There is no orbit stable enough to be certain that the probe, carrying radioactive batteries and Earth’s bacteria, would never have come into contact with Enceladus. A delicate island of alien life could have been snuffed out or overrun. The sheep could have eaten the rose.

So instead - for the love of this fragile possibility, this potential that might yet never be realized - Cassini was brought into a final, intimate tango with Saturn.

But of course, all space probes are built for the sake of awe, which is nearly love. Science is rational, but scientists are driven to understand the universe just as the religious strive to know the face of God.

The Cassini probe was a 4 billion dollar machine for understanding Saturn. And yesterday, two decades after it launched from our planet, it was destroyed while sending us information about Saturn it never could have gathered from a distant, stable orbit: advancing its purpose, even knowing that it would be consumed.

A martyr to our hopes, Cassini dies,
A phoenix burning up without a trace.
Its own discoveries were its demise.

We order it to fall as it did rise:
A pilgrim made of metal, math, and grace.
A martyr to our hopes, Cassini dies.

Our quest for knowledge blazing in its eyes
Beholding clearly this far unknown place
Its own discoveries were its demise.

And through its sight, we, earth-bound, realize
The Eden that this pilgrim could deface.
A martyr to our hopes, Cassini dies.

The dream we saw and dreams we hold our prize,
We call the end of this two-decade race.
Its own discoveries were its demise.

So rest well, pilgrim-prophet of the skies!
In splendor of Saturnian embrace,
A martyr to our hopes, Cassini dies.
Its own discoveries were its demise.

#do u ever get emotions about a space probe and then have to write an impromptu villanelle? #or is that just me?

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I keep thinking about how Newt and Theseus were ‘discovered’ to be Eluréd and Elurín.

..for some reason, I typically see the scene set in the Golden Wood, shortly after Newt and Graves’ wedding - which, as we’ve previously worldbuilt, was officiated by Radagast, and attended/witnessed by both Theseus and Arwen. …it was also subject to an orc ambush midway through, with Graves and Newt shouting out their vows mid-battle a la At World’s End. (Theseus bawled as he beheaded a charging orc.)

Newt and Graves (as well as Theseus and Arwen) subsequently traveled to Lothlorien - perhaps because even though there’s a special kind of pleasure in wandering beneath the stars, it’s really very nice to sleep in a proper bed in a lovely place where there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of being ambushed by Orcs in the middle of the night. (Also, Theseus insisted on toasting his brother and his new brother-in-law.) …which was when the rest of Elrond’s contingent caught up with them.

…apparently, leaving a letter that, paraphrased, stated ‘Newt accepted my proposal of marriage; Arwen agreed to serve as my witness. I am hereby notifying you of the fact that I am taking advantage of several centuries’ worth of accumulated vacation time to get married and go on my honeymoon’ was - not the most suitable way Graves could have employed to notify Lord Elrond of his impending marriage.

The news hit Rivendell - and, subsequently, elvish society at large - like a battering ram. It was the event of the decade; Percival Graves - orNoirëion Laicaethë, to use his ‘proper’ elvish name - got married. To a wood-elf. A Noldor, one of the vanishingly rare survivors of Gondolin, famed warrior, loyal until death and beyond, who had lived through fire, floor, and the War of Wrath - got married. To a wood-elf of no pedigree whatsoever.

It was a scandal. It was news. And some people tried very hard to object.

Not Elrond, or any of the people who really mattered to Newt and Graves - Graves, for one, was getting steadily more irate as various elves he’d never even met before kept harping on about how Graves was better then this, how he wasn’t thinking this through, how - Newt was growing even more and more quiet, practically hiding behind Graves as Theseus bristled and stepped forward to his defense -

Which was when Galadriel stepped in.

Galadriel, and her Mirror. Which, among other properties, can show ’Things that were’.

(When pressed, Galadriel will later state that she felt something, a hidden knowledge that needed to be made plain - a secret, hidden by years, unknown even to those who carried it.)

And the Mirror showed the past.

Specifically, Newt and Theseus’ past.

The accumulated elves flinched in shared memory as the Mirror showed the grim scene of the War of the Last Alliance - and there was Theseus, reckless grin on his face as he fought alongside the rest of the infantry. There was Newt, soothing horses as he joined a cavalry charge.

The Mirror swirls, and another image is shown.

There is Newt, caring for a badger in the middle of a forest. There is Theseus, a song on his lips as he guards a group of travelers making for the Grey Haven.

A ripple of water, and the scene changes.

There is Newt and Theseus - but younger, elves barely into adulthood as they march with one of the refugee bands that traced their way from lost Beleriand during the War of Wrath. And the mirror is going faster now, and Newt feels Theseus’ hand tighten upon his own as they see their own faces as children, and the faces of the elves who adopted them , and then -

Then, the faces of Men. And the encampment which was their earliest memory - and the onlookers can see them now, a pair of thin, dirty elf-children, hungrily gulping down the stew that they were offered.

“They found us in the forest.” Theseus says quietly, eyes fixed on the worn, tired faces of their human foster-parents. “Just a pair of orphans, running from the war. We didn’t remember much - too traumatized, I suppose. We couldn’t even remember even our own names - they fed us and took us in and named us.” Newt nods silently, eyes hungrily drinking down the sight of the long-dead humans who had been the first to love them.

The Mirror is swirling even as they watch, shifting to the sight of two painfully young elves - barely more then toddlers, but still recognizable as Newt and Theseus - making their way through a dark wood. And then it dips and swirls and resolves one last time -

And there is Newt and Theseus, as younglings, barely more then infants, clasped tight and secure in the arms of a pair of elves who must be their birth-parents - the resemblance is all too striking, and Newt and Theseus stare at the unfamiliar faces of their biological parents, trying their best to sear the image into memory. They do not recognize them; their features mean nothing to the twins - but a great susurration erupts from the assembled elves who do know them - and who even now are putting the pieces together.

And Galadriel lets the mirror flicker and fade into nothing, voice and face regal as she draws air to speak.

“Hail!” Cries the Lady of the Wood in a great voice. “Hail Eluréd and Elurín Diorion! Hail to the sons of Dior, son of Beren and Luthien, who return to us now beyond hope, beyond fear, beyond expectation! Hail, princes of lost Doriath, brothers to Elwing, kinsmen to the Star of High Hope! Elen sila lumenn’ omentielvo!”

…and then things get very loud indeed.
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Y'all creepy motherfuckers who tracked down the author of My Immortal down had better at least buy her books. Y'all owe her that much after hunting her down as if her life is a game to you.

here’s a link to a site where you can purchase her books.

Her name is Rose Christo.  

And holy shit, there’s going to be a memoir about the author’s time in the foster system, searching for her little brother, and how My Immortal played a part in that: Under the Same Stars.  Do y’all know how much guts it takes to talk about the stuff she’s putting in that memoir?  How much she has to care about getting this issue – how kids are treated in the foster system, especially Native kids – out in front of people?

She’s Plains Cree and Lenni Lanape and an activist, she digs Lacuna Coil (same), she started writing seriously because she wanted to give her gay best friend non-tragic stories about people like him, she was going to be a physicist before she decided to look for more direct ways to help her community.

Her Gives Light series is a queer m/m YA novel series that’s not tragic? And takes place on a Shoshone reservation?

Y’all, she sounds incredible, and we should support her.  She sounds like everything Tumblr tries to support and love.  We need to show up for her.

I laughed my ass off about My Immortal many, many times, and have wondered who wrote it, what became of them.  It turns out the answer is … pretty damn awesome?


Buzzfeed interview.

Author interview.

Goodreads bio page.
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You have the choice. Sword or poison?

Angélique, Marquise des Anges (france, 1964)
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Vampire: The Masquerade - Clans (6/13)

Clan Brujah

Quick to anger and always passionate in the Modern Nights, [the Brujah] have been regaining their position as a clan of lofty philosophers and activists and are often pointed to as a clan of unruly rebels and roughnecks that should not be messed with.

The iconoclasts are rebels and almost uniformly young Brujah. They fulfill the clan’s stereotypical image as mad, bad and dangerous to know.

In contrast to iconoclasts, idealists are the intellectuals and theorists of the clan. They are usually elders or ancillae, and the elders are idealists simply because their habits haven’t changed since their embrace.

Tremere|Ventrue|Toreador|Malkavian|Nosferatu|Brujah|Lasombra|Tzimisce|Gangrel|Assamite|Giovanni|Followers of Set|Ravnos|Salubri|Cappadocian



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