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Archive of Our Own  

(Addendum GW)

After the FBI clears his name, Fox Mulder struggles to rebuild his life, so when Treeview Hospital invites Dana Scully for and incredible career opportunity, the couple relocates to Portland, Oregon for a new start.

Detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin become inundated with Wesen-related conflicts, both criminal and otherwise, as the Wesen population around Portland increases at an alarming rate for no discernable reason. The two detectives enlist Rosalee Calvert and Monroe to help Juliette Silverton, whose entire world is turned upside-down by her new Hexenbiest powers.

Mulder and Scully find themselves entangled in a conspiracy with new factions that all want a sphere of influence, but one thing becomes very apparent to the former FBI partners: they're all gunning for Nick Burkhardt. In fact, Burkhardt is at the center of so many odd occurrences, he could have his own X-Files cabinet, so Mulder opens a new case section: Addendum GW. WIP: 3/50?

(Fallen Skies)

The archangel Azrael had left Heaven a long time ago. But when war in Heaven breaks out, she returns, only to be cast down with a spell of demonic origins just as she was dying, reverting her to a human age of three years. After being left alone in the outside world, she forgets what she is. Pulled into the battles hunters fight when she meets Sam Winchester-a lovable, yet haunted hunter-and his hard brother, Dean Winchester-gruff and a perfect soldier-she begins to remember...only to be caught in the middle of a huge plot that may wipe the Earth from existence, and a bunch of angels who are brainwashed into thinking that free will is a crime. Azrael may have to choose between the family that hates her, or the family that loves her unconditionally.

Explicit for violence, temporary main character deaths that are canon-compliant. Non-con is only mentioned, not actually done.  WIP 23/?


(The Wesen Game)

Events that continued to unfold for Nick, Adalind and gang after the S4 finale. What happened to Diana? What role will the new child play in the Grimm-Wesen landscape? Containers spoilers up to last episode of Season 4. All characters owned by NBC networks. WIP 4/?
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