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Archive of Our Own

(Pathways Taken)

Victor has a plan. It's not the plan that everyone thinks is the plan. It's all gone way beyond that point. But Victor is a master of the art of mis-direction, his field test is a test of something else, and it involves things that violate everything Masrani was trying to build.

Owen and Claire and the boys are just trying to survive, and Owen is desperate to save his raptors if he can. But Vic lied to him (big surprise there), and for a while things are pretty desperate.

Then Owen and Claire discover Vic and Dr Wu's secret, and damn if that doesn't throw everything into chaos, because Vic and Dr Wu are gone, so are the embryos, and suddenly things are looking a lot worse...

Owen wants to save his raptors, he wants to stop Vic and Dr Wu before any more lives are lost. Teaming up with the one person who has even more to lose than he has, Owen gambles everything on his girls. WIP 3/?

(Monster within)

CONTINUING AS A MULTI-CHAPTER TAKE ON SEASON 5. Starts just after the S4 finale (Cry Havoc, Ep 4.22, US air date of 5/15/15) so be warned that there are SPOILERS! Some darkness, violence that is on level with the actual show. General third person POV, in canon and hopefully in character. The focus is on Juliette and Nick but all characters are included! WIP 4/?


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