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Jun. 1st, 2015 10:08 pm
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(Renard's Angel)

What's more believable, that Sean Renard's soul mate saved his butt in a fight, or that she traveled back in time to do it?

(Of healthy relationships.) Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard

There is a good reason their friends keep saying that their relationship progresses firmly when there's blood involved. They're also very sure Sean and Nick have the most stable relationship out of the people they know, because they seem to always work things out.

They might not be wrong, but they'd be shocked if they ever found out how their friends dealt with some of their problems. Warnings: domestic violence. It’s a fight on both sides.

(Return of the Djinni)

Long before the Grimms left the service of the Seven Houses, it was the Djinn who vanished from their service and no one, not even the Grimms, knew why. Now a djinni is once again working for the House of Kronenberg, causing havoc on those still reeling from their recent losses.

(You Said Just This Once) Adalind/Nick

*Spoilers for Season 4 Finale. Nick finds out something surprising about his connection to Adalind. Was it meant to be? Can mortal enemies be anything but reluctant allies or will they fall in love and history repeat itself. What makes a Grimm a warrior, what he believes or what he feels? What makes a Hexenbiest a witch, what she was taught or what she feels? WIP 1/?

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