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May. 25th, 2015 09:12 pm
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(It's a Match!) Adalind/Nick

"Oh God, your case last night was Wessen wasn't it? What was she? Fuchsbau? Those girls are sneaky as hell! Oh wait, was she a Spinnetod? Those bitches are pretty easy to lure just about anywhere if you're a male and have shiny shit on you. All you would have to do is flash that shiny badge of yours and she would've been all up on you!" Adalind exclaimed. WIP 2/?

(Survive)  Adalind/Nick

SEASON 4 FINALE SPOILERS!! If there is one thing Adalind Schade knows how to do, it's survive. Maybe this time she won't have to do it alone. Takes place right after the Season 4 Finale, 'Cry Havoc' . WIP 3/?

(Healing Salve) Nick/Renard

In the aftermath of Sean being injured while protecting Nick, there are still big issues that need to be solved between them.

Nick's hotbloodedness might be one of the things the zauberbiest loves the most about the Grimm, but it might be something that Nick seriously needs to work in, especially as the detective realizes he could be a lot more understanding than he is.

(Обман зрения)

Что думают жители Портленда о своем новом Гримме?

Написано во времена 1 сезона, когда вопросов было больше, чем ответов.

(Mixed Blood)

Keeping with the Grimm world, you meet a new Blutbad/Fuchsbau pair, with a Fuchsbau kit! Filled with killer Grimms, PWO's, Wesen of all kinds and love between species, will they be able to fight off the world to have a child of their own? Or is the Wesen Council simply closing in too fast? Love is never easy; but is it worth it? (With the full, main cast of 'Grimm'.) WIP 3/?

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