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(Fallen Skies)

The archangel Azrael had left Heaven a long time ago. But when war in Heaven breaks out, she returns, only to be cast down with a spell of demonic origins just as she was dying, reverting her to a human age of three years. After being left alone in the outside world, she forgets what she is. Pulled into the battles hunters fight when she meets Sam Winchester-a lovable, yet haunted hunter-and his hard brother, Dean Winchester-gruff and a perfect soldier-she begins to remember...only to be caught in the middle of a huge plot that may wipe the Earth from existence, and a bunch of angels who are brainwashed into thinking that free will is a crime. Azrael may have to choose between the family that hates her, or the family that loves her unconditionally.

Explicit for violence, temporary main character deaths that are canon-compliant. Non-con is only mentioned, not actually done.  WIP 44/?

(Monster within)

CONTINUING AS A MULTI-CHAPTER TAKE ON SEASON 5. Starts just after the S4 finale (Cry Havoc, Ep 4.22, US air date of 5/15/15) so be warned that there are SPOILERS! Some darkness, violence that is on level with the actual show. General third person POV, in canon and hopefully in character. The focus is on Juliette and Nick but all characters are included! WIP 8/?A


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