Aug. 11th, 2015

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 Mod Note: I've been having a lot of technical problems recently, first with Dreamwidth not letting me do anything to the text box, and now with being weird. I'm also still looking for someone to take over a couple of days please.

Archive of Our Own  

(Sense)  Nick/Renard

Nick has pulled away from his Wesen friends, Monroe and Rosalee understand but are saddened by the loss. He's pulled away from Sean Renard too, Sean's going through his own nightmares, and soon realises that his family want revenge.

Cursed by a powerful spell, Sean finds a new horror in his life, which may not last that long, a horror which will bring about a living death. Rosalee and Monroe fight to save the Captain's life, the Captain's thoughts turn to the one thing he wished he had the courage to go for.

With time running out for Sean, when Nick learns of what has happened, will he find it in his heart to seek out the stricken man and help him through. WIP 4/?


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