Apr. 22nd, 2015

April 22nd

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Archive of Our Own

(Not what I had in mind) Crossover Pairing

The crossover with Grimm no one asked for. COMPLETE.

(Silent Cries) Juliette/Nick, Monrose/Rosalee

Ever since the coma Juliette never been quite the same, even after getting her memories back.

She was more possessive and paranoid. It was only because she cared, right?

What would the others say if they knew he was letting his girlfriend control him... beat him.

He was supposed to be the Grimm. Warnings: Spousal/domestic abuse. WIP 4/?

(Untitled) Monroe/Nick

Nick is drugged, raped but doesn't remember what happened. Warnings: Non-con drug use, rape.

(Big bad love) Monroe/Nick

Monroe is in love with the Grimm. How long can he keep his feelings hidden? And what if he can't? - A Monroe / Nick slash fic because.. the world needs more of them. 'Nuff said. WIP 4/?


(Our Own Fairytale)  

this is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show, it starts from 2x15 when Juilet and Nick are broken up. WIP 14/?

(Brother Grimm)

The reapers have someone they think they can get to Nick. Who is this person and why do they think that Nick will come running? WIP 2/?

(Creatures of Habit) Monroe/Nick

Monroe is a creature of habit...so what makes him fall for the most disorganized person he has ever met?

Grimm TV

grimm 4.17 "mishipeshu" [1080p]  

4.18 mishipeshu 720p logofree screencaps  

Grimm Challenge

Challenge #39 - Pass it on - VOTING  


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