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Archive of Our Own

(Compulsion) Juliette/Renard

"What happens if I let you in?"

"I don't know."

A distinctly different ending to this scene…

Warnings: Sex whilst under a spell.

(Big bad love) (Monroe/Nick)

A Monroe / Nick slash fic because.. the world needs more of them. 'Nuff said. WIP 1/?

(The Reformed Wesen Support Group) OC/Renard

Melanie Schade. A lawyer, hexenbiest, reformed, barely magical, in a support group. What happens when you mix the Resistance, the Royal Families, a Grimm or three, a group of reforming/reformed wesen, a hexebiest, and a zauberbiest in one town? Hell doesn't begin to cover it, that's for sure. WIP 3/?


Nick's Grimm-log details his encounters with Wesen, but this one he might just be hiding from future view. Because if his Captain gets hold of this, Nick's a dead man. WIP 2/?

(For His Grimm) Nick/Renard, Juliette/Renard

Juliette and Nick have broken up, and Juliette has moved in with Sean Renard. Sean wants to help her, because he wants Nick to be happy, and Nick loves Juliette. But Juliette is spinning out of control, and very soon Sean finds himself in an abusive situation that he cannot handle. In desperation he turns to Rosalee for help.

Rosalee is horrified at the state of the Captain's physical injuries, and sees that he's not in control of the situation. Does she betray the Captain's confidence, or stand aside and let Sean try to cope alone? Warnings: Spousal abuse, domestic abuse WIP 1/?


(Undeniable Truths)

Something unheard calls the strange to Portland, the damaged, angry and dangerous. It silently beckons them to its shores, mountains and forests with the false promise of a good life. Only a few know it's a lie. Only a few realize that Portland has become the meeting place for the twisted pasts of every broken soul to collide. WIP 2/?

(A Royal Grimm)

The story of Deucalion Redgrave, a Grimm/Royal Hybrid, and his beginning as a Grimm in the town of Dunwich, working for an American branch of the Royals-the Burnwood family. (First Grimm story)WIP  2/?


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