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Archive of Our Own

(Operation Mincemeat*) Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard

Sean Renard's brother and cousin make an all out attempt to kill Sean and take Portland, and Nick, from him. Nick and a rag tag assortment of Sean's officers and wesen creatures stage an operation to keep their Prince safe and drive out the pretenders and the Verrat for good. Sean finds out what having a family really means. WIP 1/4

(Twenty Seconds 'til You're No Longer Mine) Blaine/Sebastian

The night he turned ten, Blaine’s entire world had changed.

“You’re a Grimm, sweetheart,” his mother had announced proudly as she unloaded an abundance of information about his lineage and destiny.

(Hybrid Theory)* Nick/Renard

A pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn child disappears without a trace, only to resurface at Rosalee's shop, sold to the young Fuchsbau by a Skalengeck.

At first glance, Detective Nick Burkhardt can't see anything unusual about the little Coyotl girl, but his friends soon explain why Hundjäger are suddenly eager to get their hands on the baby. She's a Hybrid. Not fully Wesen, but not human either, hybrids have been hunted down and sold as potions ingredients for centuries. They are vulnerable, because hybrids only come into their full powers once they find their mate.

What Nick doesn't know yet is why Captain Sean Renard seems to go to great lengths to keep the baby safe. But he is about to find out. WIP 3/?

(Große Schwäche Fluch (The curse of greatest Weakness)* Nick/Renard

Sean Renard was a powerful, proud man that worked hard for his city. But one night, one mistake threatens to tear down this kingdom he has built, and he can't find a way to fix it. Not without the help of someone he cannot ask, to do something that he will not allow. Warnings: Non-con WIP 2/?

[A Safe Place In Their Arms]* Monroe/Nick/Rosalee.  There's two kids that really stick out Monroe's senior year of high school. He knows he's pretty odd himself, but these kids are a kind of weird he's drawn to. He knows the quiet junior, Rosalee, is a recovering drug addict, which her older sister is telling the entire school. And then there's the sophomore, Nick, a small guy with a shaky frame, a shy smile, and what seems to be extreme anxiety.  This year was going to be different for Monroe.  Warnings: Child abuse and past drug use.  WIP: 7/?.

(Breaking Apart Around Me) Monroe/Nick/Rosalee

( Set just after "Bad Luck" )

After the fight with Juliette, Nick's in bad shape... He calls up the two people he trusts the most. Those that make him feel safe. WIP 1/?

Baby, Baby, Baby Nick/Renard

Sean and Nick have quite a brood, their own daughter, plus Adalind's children by them both. Life moves on, and just when they think they have it all figured out... something comes along to change it. WIP 1/?

[I Can't Lose You Without Losing Myself]* Heterosexual pairing (unspecified).  A Fuchsbau wesen transfers from a New York Police Department to Portland's and becomes the Grimm's temporary partner. She doesn't believe in love like her sister-that is, until she falls for the Grimm himself. After Nick and Hank reveal the wesen world to Wu but Hank's on another well-deserved vacation.  Part 1 of Finding Faith.  WIP: 12/?.  

Золотой день  Nick/Renard

То, что они делали, было не в человеческих силах — но они больше не были людьми. Warnings: omega!verse

Ренард и Робин Nick/Renard

Эмоциональный по своей природе, Ник расценивал капитана как что-то вроде ходячего пистолета, который никогда не покидает кобуры, если не собирается стрелять. И если кто из его знакомых и родился альфой, то это совершенно точно был Шон Ренард. Warnings: omega!verse

Инициация Nick/Renard

Существа относятся к сексу намного проще. У многих из нас это просто часть инициации. Способ становиться взрослым, становиться собой. Warnings: omega!verse

(Change Has Come for These Ones Are Different)*

Nick Burkhardt/Monroe/Sean Renard

Nick Burkhardt/Hank Griffin/Monroe/Sean Renard/Juliette Silverton


Leave a legacy that isn't about continuing things on as they were and being who the loudest critics think you should be...

You know how the story goes... it takes something new for things to move forward. WIP 17/?

[Heat Rises]* Juliette/Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick; Nick/Renard; Juliette/Renard; background Monroe/Nick; background Juliette/Rosalee; background: Adalind/Renard; Monroe/Rosalee.  Nick Burkhardt would change his omega status in a heartbeat if he had the chance, particularly now that he's gone into heat off schedule. It's dragged him, Juliette and his alpha captain into a situation he'd never imagined, and with Monroe and Rosalee away, he could be about to endanger his career, his relationships and maybe even his life.  WIP: 4/?.

(We can be friends)

When the team (Nate) decides to move to Portland, there's only one person whose permission Hardison is absolutely certain to get.

Or: what if the team were wessen.

[Second Realities]* Nick/Renard, Monroe/Rosalee.  Nick chases and guns down a wesen suspect in a double homicide.  Then, he wakes up to another cool morning in Portland. It's a weekday, he has to follow up on a case, and everything should be life as usual. Except he's woken up in a strange bed, has to follow up on a case he has heard nothing about, and the case he does know about is completely new to everyone else. Oh, and the person next to him in bed is definitely not who he remembers. In fact, the past two years of his life are, according to everyone, very different from what he remembers about them.  WIP: 11/?.  

Unconventional Courtship Barry/Roddy

Roddy's life is a mess: he's dirt poor and his dad hates him. When Barry sees Roddy laying on the ground all bruished up he finds the courage to aproach the Reinigen. Roddy have trouble believing Barry isn't just toying with him. Barry is determined to have the Reinigen, no matter what. I suck at summaries, but give it a chance. Roddy/Barry slash. Possibly some dubcon/noncon later. I havn't really decided yet. Warnings: rape

(Know No Fear)  

Nick is finally comfortable in his double life as a cop and a Grimm but that all changes when the Reapers show up and with them a whole chain of unpleasant surprises. Will Nick be able to survive or will the Grimm conquer all? WIP 6/?

(Attitude Adjustment)  

Nick heads out of town to help a Lodge member, ends up in the hospital and The Team rides to his side. Together they discover an even bigger problem and 'clean up the town'. WIP 7/?

(Our Own Fairytale)

this is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show, it starts from 2x15 when Juilet and Nick are broken up.WIP 7/?

Grimm TV (Livejournal)

screencaps: [414] // hd & logoless

grimm 4.13 review/discussion  

Grimm Challenges

Challenge #38 - Blue - VOTING  

Challenge #39 - Poll  

Challenge #38 - Blue

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