Mar. 14th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own
[Not as Grimm as it Seems]* Gen.  Crossover with Harry Potter.  For a moment Harry started, surprised at the first sign of any sort of non-muggle presence in this world...  WIP: 22/?

[A Safe Place In Their Arms]* Monroe/Nick/Rosalee.  There's two kids that really stick out Monroe's senior year of high school. He knows he's pretty odd himself, but these kids are a kind of weird he's drawn to. He knows the quiet junior, Rosalee, is a recovering drug addict, which her older sister is telling the entire school. And then there's the sophomore, Nick, a small guy with a shaky frame, a shy smile, and what seems to be extreme anxiety.  This year was going to be different for Monroe.  Warnings: Child abuse and past drug useWIP: 5/?

[A Grimm Reality]* Gen.  Previously titled: Just Not Grimm Enough.  What if Nick was more affected by everything then what he let on? What if Juliet left him after he became a Grimm again? Where would that leave our Grimm?  Warnings: Non-graphic non-con elements and violenceWIP: 4/?

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