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March 11th

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Archive of Our Own

(Latin Lessons)  Nick/Renard

Nick seeks to better himself mentally as a Grimm, expanding his knowledge of languages. He has a teacher in mind.

(Let's Put It on the List of) Things We'll Never Talk About Again)

Nick/Renard It's all Adalind's fault (again). Warnings: non-con (zaubertrank induced sex)

[I Can't Lose You Without Losing Myself]* Heterosexual pairing (unspecified).  A Fuchsbau wesen transfers from a New York Police Department to Portland's and becomes the Grimm's temporary partner. She doesn't believe in love like her sister-that is, until she falls for the Grimm himself. After Nick and Hank reveal the wesen world to Wu but Hank's on another well-deserved vacation.  Part 1 of Finding Faith.  WIP: 8/?.  

(Love Really)  Nick/Renard

Sean's having trouble getting the words out, but the payoff is so much better than he hoped.

(To Be Complete)  Monroe/Nick/Rosalee

Nick's going through a rough time, his only haven being Monroe and Rosalee's house.. More importantly? Monroe and Rosalee.. Problem is, they're together, and he really doesn't want to intrude on them. It's rude, and even worse, he may or may not be in love with not only Monroe, but Rosalee as well...

His life just got so much more complicated.

(Honeymoon in Paradise)  Nick/Renard

Nick Burkhardt and Sean Renard are now a bonded pair, legally wed in both the wesen and human worlds. Life has been hard work, and they get an opportunity to enjoy a brief honeymoon. But trouble has followed them from Portland, and they find themselves fighting to get Sean's daughter back.


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