Mar. 8th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own

[For the Love of a Cup of Coffee] Monroe/Nick.  Alternate universe where Nick owns a coffee shop and Monroe is a wealthy business owner. When the two meet by chance, they have to work through their differences to make their relationship work.  COMPLETE: 14-15/15.
[History in the Present]* Juliette/Renard.  Juliette Silverton and Sean Renard knew each other before, several years before Juliette ever met Nick. Sean and Juliette had been together just after Juliette had started college and the connection the two shared from that time is more intense than Nick could ever comprehend. The connection reawakens after so many years because Captain Renard's father and half brother stumble upon a deep held secret only known to three people. Juliette, Sean, and Sean's mother, the lovely Elizabeth.  Warning: Graphic depictions of violenceWIP: 1/?
[Warm This Winter] Nick/Renard.  Nick needs to dry off and warm up... and Sean makes an excellent source of warmth.  Part 5 of It's Raining Again
[Everyone Here has Loved and Lost (So Level Up and Love Again)] Nick/Trubel.  Trubel has been quiet most of the day, and Rosalee can tell there’s something on her mind. She opens her mouth five separate times, intending to say something, but she just remains silent. Neither Trubel nor Nick have said anything in regards to their feelings to Rosalee or Monroe. Rosalee has this feeling something happened and that it’s the reason Trubel is so quiet.  Part 3 of Level Up

[Our Own Fairytale]* Monroe/Rosalee.  this is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show, it starts from 2x15 when Juilet and Nick are broken up.  WIP: 3-4/?

[A Grimm Reality]* Gen.  Previously titled: Just Not Grimm Enough.  What if Nick was more affected by everything then what he let on? What if Juliet left him after he became a Grimm again? Where would that leave our Grimm?  Warnings: Non-graphic non-con elements and violenceWIP: 2/?


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