Mar. 2nd, 2015

March 2nd

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Mod Note: I think I've finally worked out how to fix the wonky formatting, so when I next get five minutes this week I will be going back and fixing the formatting on all of my posts.

[For the Love of a Cup of Coffee]* Monroe/Nick.  Alternate universe where Nick owns a coffee shop and Monroe is a wealthy business owner. When the two meet by chance, they have to work through their differences to make their relationship work.  WIP: 6/15.  

[The Opposite of Synchronicity]* Juliette/Nick.  SYNCHRONICTY: noun - 1. the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.  WIP: 7/?.  

[Besessenheit]* Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Marie asked him to leave Juliette to keep her safe, but also because it's not fair to make her into a shield. This one decision changes everything.  WIP: 11/14.  

[A Debt Of Sorts]* Monroe/Nick.  Monroe is being held captive by a witch when he meets young Nicholas Burkhardt. After saving each other's lives, Monroe is stuck with a young and newly orphaned Grimm looking at him like a lost puppy.. Well then, this was going to be interesting.  WIP: 5/?.

[Join Hands, A Storm Approaches]* Monroe/Nick; crossover pairings.  Crossover with Teen Wolf.  There's an earthquake which results in the closing of a school in the town next to Beacon Hills because of damages. The school's population is split up between a few schools.. Beacon Hills High receives about forty of those students. Including a group of incredibly talented Lacrosse players... But there's something strange about these kids, and things are beginning to stir up in Beacon Hills once again.  Warning: Underage.  WIP: 10/?.  

(The Flame That Burns Bright)* Monroe/Nick On the trail of a woman who is responsible for many kills in the past few years, the BAU tracks down Adalind Schade to find a man that has been held captive by her for quite a while. He's aggressive, confused, and asking for a man named Monroe. This man holds the key to many secrets, some which the BAU aren't exactly unfamiliar with. WIP 2/?

[Somnivolent's gonna crash.]* Juliette/Nick.  A season 1 ending/season 2 rewrite started back in November.  Nick gets poisoned instead of Juliette and things go from there.  Warning: Violence.  WIP: 18/?.


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