Feb. 28th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own

[For the Love of a Cup of Coffee]* Monroe/Nick.  Alternate universe where Nick owns a coffee shop and Monroe is a wealthy business owner. When the two meet by chance, they have to work through their differences to make their relationship work.  WIP: 5/15
[I Can't Lose You Without Losing Myself]* Heterosexual pairing (unspecified).  A Fuchsbau wesen transfers from a New York Police Department to Portland's and becomes the Grimm's temporary partner. She doesn't believe in love like her sister-that is, until she falls for the Grimm himself. After Nick and Hank reveal the wesen world to Wu but Hank's on another well-deserved vacation.  Part 1 of Finding FaithWIP: 5/?
[Saving Face] Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Juliette needs to tell Nick something. It doesn't go according to plan. And Nick needs to realise something about himself and especially about wesen. The Captain gets the brunt of it. 
[A Wolf, Not a Dog] Monroe/Nick.  When Monroe accidentally scratches Nick in bed, Nick comes up with a way to avoid future accidents. 


[Imperfect Grimm]* Monroe/OFC.  She was something different, something that wasn't supposed to exist but she managed to prove the odds wrong. All her life she was a subsitute for the real thing, a fake living a lie until giving the chace to live it as truth. Helping her brother understand the wesen world she's dragged into something she was warned about years ago. War is coming. A war that needed one more grimm..  WIP: 2/?
[Of Hexenbiests and Grimms and Instincts]* Juliette/Nick.  Juliette's revelation leads to some revelations for Nick as well, and both run into some obstacles that we regular humans don't normally have to deal with. Not that love is ever easy...  WIP: 1-2/?


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