Feb. 26th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own

[Too Far to Back Away]* Fem!Nick/Renard.  A quiet and funny night, it was all that I was asking for, Juliette and I were going to have a dinner and watch a movie like we used to do every weekend when I still lived with her, a girl’s night really, it wasn’t really a shock that it didn’t go as the plan.  Or: When Kelly Burkhardt brings Adalind to Juliette's house Nick is there only by a occasion, and SHE is married to Captain Renard, and they have a child.  WIP: 3/?
[It's The Rain What Ails Me] Nick/Renard.  Nick's having a miserable time, the Captain takes care of him.  Part 2 of It's Raining AgainCOMPLETE: 3/3

[Portland Police are Weird] Gen.  Then these three policemen in charge of investigation arrived at the scene. Instead of charging in like they were supposed to, one of them still took the time to get his ear pierced. Then his friend put some kind of yellow paste on the piercing. When I asked… Aka the time when the people Nick, Hank, and Wu helped compared notes on their weird behaviors before a rescue operation. 
[Our Own Fairytale]* Gen.  this is based on the idea of Monroe having a sister and this would affect the whole show, it starts from 2x15 when Juilet and Nick are broken up.  WIP: 1/?

[The Eternal Darkness of Adalind Schade] Gen.  After Juliette reveals to Nick that she is a Hexenbiest, he searches for answers; the only solution seems to be the death of Adalind Schade.  COMPLETE: 4/4


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