Feb. 10th, 2015

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(Size Me UpNick/Renard Nick Burkhardt and Sean Renard have been together a little while now, they're starting to settle into their relationship.  Now a WIP. 2/3

(Grimm Reflections)  Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan A close call on the job exposes a hidden world that has always existed just out of sight―and leaves Kevin Ryan viewing the people closest to him in a whole new light. WIP 1/7 

(Join Hands, A Storm ApproachesDerek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Nick Burkhardt/Monroe, Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura There's an earthquake which results in the closing of a school in the town next to Beacon Hills because of damages. The school's population is split up between a few schools.. Beacon Hills High receives about forty of those students. Including a group of incredibly talented Lacrosse players... But there's something strange about these kids, and things are beginning to stir up in Beacon Hills once again. WIP 2/?

Fanfiction.net  (here)

Marnie]* Gen.  A friend of Trubel named Marnie comes to Portland because a few man are trying to find and kill her. She gets to stay at Monroe and Rosalee's place and soon they find out that Marnie's not human at all. She's a Blutbad. During her stay, Rosalee, Nick, Hank and Juliette find out a little secret Monroe has been hiding from everyone almost his entire life.  WIP: 4/?

Grimm gesucht Gen Was macht man als abgehalfterte Rockergang, um im Ansehen wieder zu steigen? Richtig, man besorgt sich das Gefährlichste, das man kennt – oder versucht es zumindest.

Grimm Challenge (LiveJournal)  (here)


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