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Hi! I'm Siobhan, and I will be looking after you Monday through Wednesday! Expect updates from 7:30 pm GMT.

Archive of Our Own

[I Can't Feel A Damn Thing]* Monroe/Nick.  Monroe knows that he isn't okay, he puts on a smile when they're together, so animated and lively.. But there's a sadness in his eyes that won't go away. Something's going on with Nick, and Monroe's going to get to the bottom of it.  Warnings: Self-harm and suicidal thoughts.  WIP: 4/?.  
[The Trials of PTZD]* Monroe/Nick.  After the incident with the Baron, Nick finds himself still suffering after effects of the toxin spit on him. While he no longer can break a sweat after running for extremely long periods of time; can hold his breath longer than seems possible, and seems stronger than ever, not everything is on the up and up.  Monroe tries to help Nick deal with it, but it seems like none of them can do anything to stop it.  WIP: 7/?.  
(Size Me Up) Nick/Renard Nick Burkhardt and Sean Renard have been together a little while now, they're starting to settle into their relationship. 
(Three Grimms Walked Into A Bar) Gen 
Three Grimms walked into a bar…and the patrons parted like the Red Sea. Some even fled. That was not the joke. I stopped atwalked into a bar and made some observations. Aka the time when Hank, Wu, and Monroe spent some quality time together in a bar when Nick, Kelly, and Trubel walked in.
(Whatever Happens) Juliette/Nick Juliette accidentally reveals her secret to Nick. Things don't go over exactly as she thought they would. Warnings: Mention of animal abuse.
(A Place of Pain) Nick/Renard  Sean Renard had a painful past, Nick Burkhardt knew that. Sean trusts Nick with a very painful, personal secret. Warnings: Character death.

(Grimm)* (OC/Renard) Summary: There is a new Grimm in the picture, who is she and what is she doing in the castle? WIP 3/?

[Monrosalee's journey]* Monroe/Rosalee.  Monroe and Rosalee have just got back from their honeymoon and Rosalee is expecting small footsteps in 9months. She's keeping this from everyone, how will they pull this off? Will the community except them? Can they handle parenting?  WIP 2/?

[Two Grimms Are Better Than One]* Monroe/OFC; Juliette/Nick.  In the town of Portland, Oregon, the world of the normal and supernatural collide. Nick and Quinn Burkhardt learn it's their job to keep the balance, for they are Grimms. Together the two siblings try to keep the peace, but that's not as easy as it sounds. Nick tries to hide the Supernatural from his girlfriend, while Quinn finds herself falling for a creature of the Supernatural.  WIP: 2/?.  
Captain Sean Renard and Juliette Silverton's Grimm (Love) Story  Juliette/Renard This is just my version of events regarding Captain Sean Renard and Juliette Silverton. Love, Power or Both ? But is it possible ? WIP: 7/?

[Bloodlines]* Gen.  It's been five years since Nick was presumed dead after another attack by the Verrat, leaving everyone behind, including Juliette and their newborn son. But as Portland falls apart and an imminent threat looms from Europe, the Grimm Gang learns that nothing is as it seems, and that sometimes, it's never really over.  WIP: 9/?

Grimm Challenge (LiveJournal) 

screencaps: [412] - hd/logoless  


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