Feb. 8th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own
[Lazy Morning] Juliette/Nick/Renard.  Sean decides that a lazy morning in bed is just the thing they all need.  Part 1 of Three Sentence Fics

[A Debt Of Sorts]* Monroe/Nick.  Monroe is being held captive by a witch when he meets young Nicholas Burkhardt. After saving each other's lives, Monroe is stuck with a young and newly orphaned Grimm looking at him like a lost puppy.. Well then, this was going to be interesting.  WIP: 3/?

[Two Grimms Are Better Than One]* Monroe/OFC; Juliette/Nick.  In the town of Portland, Oregon, the world of the normal and supernatural collide. Nick and Quinn Burkhardt learn it's their job to keep the balance, for they are Grimms. Together the two siblings try to keep the peace, but that's not as easy as it sounds. Nick tries to hide the Supernatural from his girlfriend, while Quinn finds herself falling for a creature of the Supernatural.  WIP: 1/?

[Wooing Wu]* OFC/Wu.  It's about time our favorite Sergeant found a girl.  WIP: 16/?

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