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Archive of Our Own
[Rock of Gibraltar] Gen.  Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Xander went to Africa to escape. Somehow he ended up finding himself. Post 'Chosen' ficlet with a splash of Grimm thrown in. 

[Bond Mate] Nick/Renard.  Nick is bitten by a wesen creature, Rosalee can stop the poison, but only the mate bond can destroy the poison. Renard's relationship with Nick has been rather shaky since the unfortunate Adalind-Curse-Juliette-Cat Scratch thing. The link between Sean and his Grimm is strong, and has been growing stronger despite the Captain's attempts to fight it, but their personal relationship is difficult. If Sean completes the bond, will he destroy any chance he may have had with Nick?  COMPLETE: 2/2

[Inappropriate Reactions] Nick/Renard.  He doesn't know why Sean's woged face turns him on, but it does. 

[Besessenheit]* Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Marie asked him to leave Juliette to keep her safe, but also because it's not fair to make her into a shield. This one decision changes everything.  WIP: 7/14

[Too Far to Back Away]* Fem!Nick/Renard.  A quiet and funny night, it was all that I was asking for, Juliette and I were going to have a dinner and watch a movie like we used to do every weekend when I still lived with her, a girl’s night really, it wasn’t really a shock that it didn’t go as the plan.  Or: When Kelly Burkhardt brings Adalind to Juliette's house Nick is there only by a occasion, and SHE is married to Captain Renard, and they have a child.  WIP: 1/?

[Foxy Face] Crossover pairing pre-slash.  Crossover with Justified.  Art keeps giving Raylan a hard time over Arlo. Raylan snaps a little and reveals something to Tim which surprises the sniper.  Part 1 of Keeping It GrimmCOMPLETE: 3/3


[Bloodlines]* Gen.  It's been five years since Nick was presumed dead after another attack by the Verrat, leaving everyone behind, including Juliette and their newborn son. But as Portland falls apart and an imminent threat looms from Europe, the Grimm Gang learns that nothing is as it seems, and that sometimes, it's never really over.  WIP: 8/?

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