Jan. 14th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own
[Second Chance (Don't Let It Go)]* Adalind/Martin.  The last person Adalind expects to find in Victor's house is Meisner, but well, he's not there by choice. Adalind has to decide how to help him, and what happens to them both once she does.  WIP: 1-2/?


[Uncertainty]* Monroe/Nick; hint of Nick/Renard.  Nick doesn't know what he wants, but he is sure that he wants Monroe with him.  WIP: 4/?.

[The Hunter's Mate]* Gen.  Satan's assassin. That's What they call her. They may not know what she looks like, but she'd be recognized her that instant when she wears her black suit and cover her upper face with a mask. She was well known to the whole supernatural world. With out her mask she's Diana Brooklyn. She a teenager girl who pretends to mute to cover her identity be if they it would bad.  WIP: 3/?
[Of Grimms and Guards]* Gen.  Guards have served as protectors to Grimms, the balance keepers of the supernatural world for as long as anyone could remember. The bond between Grimms and their Guards makes them powerful and dangerous; it also makes them targets for those that want the balance to remain upset. All Anya Le Fey wants to is find her Grimm that was taken from her and right the wrongs that were done.  WIP: 3/?

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