Jan. 12th, 2015

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Archive of Our Own

[This Odd Relationship] Monroe/Nick pre-slash.  When Nick is hurt, Monroe comes to terms with the protective feeling he has for the young man. Over time, he's become more of a friend than an annoyance.. And Monroe can't even identify when that had begun to happen, but here they were.  Or the one where Nick gets his ass handed to him and Monroe won't stand for it.  
[Second Realities]* Nick/Renard, Monroe/Rosalee.  Nick chases and guns down a wesen suspect in a double homicide.  Then, he wakes up to another cool morning in Portland. It's a weekday, he has to follow up on a case, and everything should be life as usual. Except he's woken up in a strange bed, has to follow up on a case he has heard nothing about, and the case he does know about is completely new to everyone else. Oh, and the person next to him in bed is definitely not who he remembers. In fact, the past two years of his life are, according to everyone, very different from what he remembers about them.  WIP: 1-2/?. 

[Right in Front of You]* Nick/Renard.  Nick has nowhere to turn when his "friends" refuse to explain to him waht happened the night after the zombie attacks...  Sean Renard wants his Grimm bad enough to explain everything to him...  Nick, emotionally distraught runs off...  Sean finds him...  WIP: 3/?


[With the Intent to Be Lost] Monroe/Rosalee.  AU-When Rosalee gets clean, she takes up with the Wesen Council to become the scourge of the European J rings. When her brother is murdered, Rosalee returns to the states to only to discover a Grimm with a Blutbad on a leash and a whole new set of problems.  COMPLETE: 19/19


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