Jan. 10th, 2015

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**Mod's note: You may have noticed that I've stopped posting on the days when I have nothing to report.  I think this gives the site a cleaner look and doesn't take up space with posts that basically say nothing.  If anyone doesn't like this for some reason, they can (as always) contact me about it. 

Archive of Our Own
[ART - Forever and Grimm] GenForever and Grimm wallpapers. 

[Besessenheit]* Nick/Renard; Juliette/Nick.  Marie asked him to leave Juliette to keep her safe, but also because it's not fair to make her into a shield. This one decision changes everything.  WIP: 4/14

[Hungry] Monroe/Nick.  Nick comes home to an unexpected surprise. But it's not quite the surprise his boyfriend had in mind. 
[The Hunter's Mate]* Gen.  Satan's assassin. That's What they call her. They may not know what she looks like, but she'd be recognized her that instant when she wears her black suit and cover her upper face with a mask. She was well known to the whole supernatural world. With out her mask she's Diana Brooklyn. She a teenager girl who pretends to mute to cover her identity be if they it would bad.  WIP: 1-2/?

[Unanswered: Fate's Variant Series]* Gen.  When Detective Jonah Devonshire is transferred from Saynor to Portland, he never expected his new partner to be a Grimm.  WIP: 6/?

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